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Dosing systems, water meters and valves for every application

Dosing systems can be found in all industrial sectors, but also in everyone’s social and private environment. Easy dosing systems bottle liquids in containers or mixing vessels. Complex dosing systems assume the dosing of different row mediums to mix a new product. Even if you want to water your garden with a timer and only a specific amount of water, you could use a dosing system for this.

  • Dosings devices

  • Coin dosing devices

  • Valves

  • Water meters

Dosings devices

Dosings devices are available in different versions. They help to control the bottling or the dosing of a selected quantity of liquid. Additional to the dosing system, it’s necessary to have a flow metering and metering valve.

› Dosing systems with single staged switch-off
› Dosing systems with two staged switch-off
› Dosing systems with time control
› Transportable dosing system
› Dosing systems with subtraction switch-off
› Ex-Dosing systems
› Different variants (snap-on housing, plastic housing, switch panel mounting, wall construction)
› Different voltages
› customized configuration for sensor possible
› customized configuration for design and logotype

Coin dosing devices

Coin dosing devices are used within public showers, water supplies on camping sides, car wash facilities, holiday homes and boat piers. They are also often applied in connection to outstanding water invoices.
The coin dosing devices are sealed and are delivered with a magnetic valve and a water meter, which are also sealed.

› Single version with coin dosing device
› Entire version with coin dosing device, water meter and valve
› Different voltages possible from 230V AC up to solar energy
› Time controlled or/and volume controlled
› Coins, coin replacements or chip-cards control possible


Valves are available in different versions. There are shut-off valves or control valves, which are operated electrically or pneumatically. The options regarding construction, material, design, sealing and also the type of power units and actuation is divers. We are happy to help you to choose the valve which suits your requirements.

› Shut-off valve in brass or stainless steel available
› Electro-pneumatic control wit 24VDC or 230VAC possible
› Electric control also with 24VDC or 230VAC possible
› Angle seat valve
› Diaphragm valve
› Control valve available in steel or stainless steel
› Electro-pneumatic control also with 4-20 mA available
› Wide range of nominal diameters

Water meters

Depending on the design of water meters the variation of water meters (cold and warm water meters) is not as extensive as with the valves, but there are also lots of different types available, so that you can find the right one.

› Cold water meters
› Warm water meters
› With display, different value of the needle circulation
› Available without output pulse
› Different value of the impulses on the devices with output pulse
› Different nominal diameters available